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A few tips for buying a property in Australia

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Clarify the purpose of buying a property: Determine whether it is for self-occupation or investment. This will help determine which areas to consider. If for self-occupation, identify the desired features, such as lifestyle upgrades, school zones, convenience of transportation, proximity to family and friends, etc. It is important to consider the investment potential of a self-occupied property, as the impact of a $1 million property over 20 or 30 years can significantly affect a family's wealth. For investment properties, consider whether the goal is capital growth or cash flow, and plan accordingly. 

Determine the budget: Align the budget with your goals and leave some flexibility to account for market changes. When setting a budget, consider future repayment plans and your affordability, and plan your cash flow accordingly. If you already own multiple properties, it may be necessary to review your property portfolio and assess its health, considering any potential optimization opportunities.

Search and evaluate properties: Pay attention to both on-market and off-market listings. However, for off-market properties, quality may vary, so exercise caution. For a potential purchase, an assessment is crucial to understanding its true value. Many properties may have similar listed prices but significantly differ in actual sale prices.

Negotiation is key: Negotiation is an essential part of the buying process, whether through private sale or auction. Auctions involve thorough due diligence and communication well in advance. Private sales require more extensive negotiation, including price, conditions, and terms, all of which directly impact the cost of purchasing a property.

Compromises may occur: The perfect property may not always exist, and compromises may occur. However, it is essential to differentiate between areas where compromises can be made and those that cannot. The underlying principle behind this is the logic of property value and essential life requirements.

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