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How to achieve good investment returns with a PPR
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We have in-depth market research, a team of experts, and a good reputation among clients. Our service offerings include:

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We have always adhered to integrity and humility, held a sense of awe, and earned the high trust and recognition of our clients.

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We provide customized, high-quality professional services to our clients, represent, and protect their interests. We have earned widespread acclaim for our services.

JL Property is an independent property buyers’ agency located in Melbourne. We specialize in providing customized, high-quality professional services to buyer clients, protecting buyers’ interests. We adhere to ethical practices, avoid shortcuts, and are a highly acclaimed team of experts.

We are honoured to have been awarded as 2023 REIV Buyers Agent of The Year Finalist, 2023 REIV Achievement Award Finalist, and 2024 REB Awards RISING STAR Finalist, marking our outstanding achievement in market research, customer service, workflow, expert team, and good word-of-mouth among our clients.

As a buyers’ agency, we strictly refrain from selling properties. Instead, we invest all our wisdom and energy into the entire process of helping buyers find the right property. 

However, our purpose extends beyond simply purchasing good property. Based on the client's situation, we assist in evaluating the pros and cons of property portfolios and assessing the potential for capital appreciation and cash flow returns. This is a crucial aspect related to the growth of family wealth.

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We do not take shortcuts, and we commit to be responsibility for our clients.

  • Real-world Experience

    20 years in property with rich off-market listings

  • Professional Perspective

    PhD in IT, Master's degree in Property, providing insights into the underlying logic of the property market.

  • Top-level Design

    Building and optimizing property investment portfolios, deciphering the secrets of property investment.

  • Global Vision

    Bridging local Australian experience with a global mindset to discover investment opportunities with certainty.

  • Standardized Service

    Combining streamlined processes with customized solutions, ensuring a high level of service and consistency.