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Ivy Home Buyer

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As first-time homebuyers, we had limited knowledge of the property market and were pressed for time due to our work. This made us anxious about missing out on good opportunities and uncertain about finding the right home. That’s why we turned to a buyer’s agent, choosing the one who showed expertise and personality that we trusted the most. With Jenny, the process was surprisingly swift. After a few in-depth discussions which helped us confirmed what we really wanted AND needed, she quickly presented us with a list of recommended options. An ideal property stood out from the list after we went thru inspection ourselves. The auction was in just one week - And in just a week, she managed to conduct thorough due diligence, arrange work and appointments with lawyer and building inspector, keep us on track and had a few more meetings with us to ensure that the house did fit our situation. With her support and guidance, together, the joint decision was made two days before the auction day that this property was a promising one and we should give it a go - plus, the fact that we have got plan B/C/D following even if we didn’t win the auction made us mentally prepared. On the auction day, Jenny not only won but also secured the house at a lower price than expected. This is astonishing - we were literally just at the third/forth week of our house hunting journey, and we knew that this would never had happened should we decided to do everything ourselves. To me, the most valuable part Jenny brought to us was more than her expertise and dedication - you know when you try to buy your first home, how much new information you will have to gather, filter, learn, analyze and how overwhelmed the process can be. You got lost easily and you don’t know whether or not you’re making the right decision. The mental effect you get from knowing that you have someone who knew things in and out, who you can trust and rely on, and who will sort things out for you in a clean and orderly manner, is, indeed, massive. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who gets similar feelings when buying your first home. At least have a call with a buyers agent like Jenny. You will know whether or not this is for you. If it does, it worth every penny you spend.

(Ivy, Google Review)

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